Surface Conditioning Belts

X-Flex Material - for hand-held tools
Low Stretch Material - for stationary machines

Because IAT focuses only on surface conditioning material, it has application as well as manufacturing expertise. Made on the newest, most modern equipment in the industry, the IAT belt splice is unrivaled. Each belt is composed of high quality material from the same manufacturer insuring consistent work every time. IAT offers the widest range of belt widths and lengths and makes the special sizes that others can't or won't. Recommended work surfaces include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, nonferrous metals, plastic, and fiberglass.


Surface Conditioning Discs

Utilizing the same high quality base material as used on the belts, IAT surface conditioning discs offer exceptional performance and life. The discs provide fast and heavy abrasive action as well as high unloading properties. Recommended work surfaces include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, nonferrous metals, plastic, and fiberglass in the aircraft, aerospace, marine, chemical, food, furniture, metal fabrication, and automotive industries. Discs are available in A/O Coarse, Medium, and Very Fine as well as Heavy Duty Coarse and Medium. High quality backing pads and holders are also available.


Quick Change Surface Conditioning Discs and Holders


Quick Change Kits


Hook & Loop Surface Conditioning Discs and Backing Pads


Surface Conditioning Discs with 7/8" Center Hole and Backing Pads


Convolute Wheels

Convolute Wheels are composed of the same high quality surface conditioning base material as the belts and discs. They are used on lathes, bench grinders, and straight shaft grinders for deburring, blending, cleaning, finishing, and polishing. Our wheels operate at lower temperatures and have a higher resistance to loading. They are also known for their long life, consistent finish, and tear resistance. Convolute Wheels are categorized into Deburring, Multi Finishing, and Metal Finishing. Typical work surfaces include stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, alloys, steel, plastic, and composite materials.


Unitized Wheels

Unitized Wheels with Center Hole


Unitized Quick Change Discs and Holders


Unitized Fiberglass Backed Discs with 7/8" Center Hole



Surface Preparation Discs and Wheels



Strip-It Discs and Wheels

Strip-It Wheels with 1/2" Center Hole


Strip-It Discs



Flap Wheels

Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheels on 1/4" Shank


Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheels with 1" Center Hole



Hand Pads

6" x 9" Hand Pads



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